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CrossFit in the News

Paleo & CrossFit in the News

  – Eating like a caveman can increase energy, decrease weight
Lexington Herald Leader
It’s called the Paleo diet, and it’s a plan that essentially travels back
in time to find the diet of early man to unlock nutritional secrets today’s
man and woman can use. “Our genetics and the way we’re eating are living at
odds,” said Robb Wolf, …


Portland Monthly (blog)
The West Coast’s first 100% Paleo-friendly food cart is set to debut on NE
Alberta on May 31st, and we’ve got the story behind the gourmet offerings
without gluten, dairy, added sugar, soy, legumes, or conventionally
processed food.


Get Fit: Healthy eating leads to loss
That confidence has allowed me to do things I never thought I would do,
like become a fitness instructor and to eat in a Paleo lifestyle. (The
“Paleo diet” is a way of eating that mimics the diets of ancient
hunter-gatherer humans and includes lean …


CrossFit workouts named for Afghan war dead
Bellingham Herald
Irvin led a push to create a CrossFit gym just across a pathway from where
some of the Afghanistan war’s top commanders make decisions to shape the
conflict. It was a hit, with 50 people or more each day joining the short,
high-intensity workouts for …


Westfield rower Darby Nelson excelling at CrossFit and weightlifting
Washington Post
Nelson is a disciple of a growing licensed fitness routine established in
the 1980s called CrossFit. It combines elements of gymnastics,
cardiovascular exercises and weight lifting, and features anything from
climbing rope, running to flipping tires.


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